Environment over convenience: Green shopper shops without any plastic bags

A lot of people talk big when it comes to saving the earth and preventing global warming, especially when it comes to the use of plastic bags. This netizen shopper showed the country and the whole world that talk is cheap with her actions that just might make a difference… if everyone decided to follow her.

Plastic bags are seen just about everywhere in our country. From wet markets or palengkes to supermarkets, just about every store uses them. Sadly, most of them end up in our trash bins or worse, into our waters and streets. Most of these bags may be cheap and accessible, but they are also not safe for the environment.

Here are just some of the facts:

Every year, we use 500 billion plastic bags worldwide, that’s one million bags every minute.

60 to 90 percent of marine pollution is plastic-based.

Greenpeace said that our country is the third worst plastic polluter of oceans just after China and Indonesia.

If that doesn’t shock you, just take a look at this picture.



A post that’s going viral on Facebook might just be on to something though.

In her post, it shows a counter full of reusable containers packed with plenty of meat and fish.



In the post, she said that people are always amazed when they see her “well-packed meat/fish”. The same people ask her if the grocery gives them already packed in the reusable containers. Some would tell her that they want to do the same.

“Gusto nila but lagi silang tinatalo ng convenience. Ang sad no?”, the poster lamented.

Read the whole post right there:



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Of course, other netizens were just as amazed at the netizen and her remarkable example.







There were others saying that the act would only work in supermarkets.



Others pointed out a “loophole.”





Although this was shut down by other netizens who pointed out that the one who posted it was using reusable containers.

There were others who were not to impressed with the netizen allegedly making it about herself.



And then there was this comment.



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What can you say about her actions? Do you think everyone should follow her example? Would you do it to help save the earth? If you’re given the choice to pay for plastic bags or use paper bats, which do you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Facebook


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