Kris Aquino takes a step back from her fiery Instagram posts for Korina Sanchez

It looks like Kris Aquino has decided to step back a bit on her furious rant against Korina Sanchez as she changed her original post that was directed to the “Rated K” host.

In her previous Instagram post, “The Queen of all Media” said that she won’t be deleting her posts because her anger comes from the heart of a mother who has been unnecessarily stepped on by someone who hasn’t had the privilege of motherhood. Obviously, that bit of shade was aimed at Korina who has yet to get pregnant with her husband – politician Mar Roxas.

Now it appears that Kris decided to retract that statement, editing the latter part to “someone who has been blessed w/ a loving & devoted husband & does not know the hardship of having to go to it alone.”

Does that sound tamer? Well, netizens weren’t going to let that line slide – edited or not. Apparently, Kris received backlash after she posted the original caption – with netizens criticizing her for a seemingly rude remark towards women who can’t conceive.

In her new post, she said that she unleashed a double-edged sword and accepted that she has personal demons that she’d have to “exorcise”. She also apologized to Former President Noynoy Aquino, President Duterte, and Mar Roxas, for dragging them into the issue.

Here’s the IG post:

(Please listen to the song.) I know I’ve unleashed a double edged sword. I know i’ve made enemies, and i’ve also found kindred spirits in MOTHERS who like me have felt that they have had ENOUGH & they had to take a stand & say I AM NOW FIGHTING BACK. I also know i have personal demons i need to exorcise because no matter what i still want to be someone my sons can be proud of… so i will collect my thoughts & try my best to forgive regardless of the fact no remorse has ever been shown. I apologize for including politics, but that is the unfortunate baggage & responsibility of my last name. But i will not delete any posts because my anger comes from the heart of a mother who has been unnecessarily stepped on by someone who has been blessed w/ a loving & devoted husband & does not know the hardship of having to go it alone (rewritten after some prayers)… I do sincerely apologize to my brother. And I apologize to President Duterte. And Mar, to you i am sorry. In the same way i would always wonder why i would be dragged into issues not of my doing- i was guilty of that tonight. I’ll be back after i have found my peace. Until then, to all those who still found it in their hearts to understand & embrace me & my sons- you have my eternal gratitude. #laban

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If you didn’t know, the spat originated when Korina gave an interview to James Yap, Kris’ ex-husband, and his new wife, Michela Cazzola. The two looked happy, especially with a daughter in Michela’s belly but Kris Aquino was not entertained by this interview.

Watch the feature right here:

The entire issue can be traced back to when James Yap sent his firstborn son a birthday greeting which Kris did not appreciate – calling him a “deadbeat dad.”

Props to Kris though, she managed to plug her upcoming movie, “I Love You Hater”, with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto with all the noise surrounding her life.

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