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Alexa Ilacad recently graduated and it was not a picnic to get there

Alexa Ilacad is definitely on a hot track after her stint in the highly acclaimed ABS-CBN family drama, “The Good Son” but it looks like that’s not the only win for Alexa this year. What’s her other win? Well, she also recently graduated from Treston International College’s Senior High School program.

She posted her graduation pics on Instagram and she revealed just how hard it was for her to get where she is now.

For starters, she recalled plenty of nights when she wanted to just go crazy and give up. Think about it, she was juggling two lives, Alexa the SHS and Alexa the actress.

She said that there were times that she’d come home from taping at 5 am, only to go to class at 9 am.

Of course, with a situation like that, a teenager would have plenty of troubles absorbing it all in.


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That’s not all though! It also goes another way as there was also one time where she had to take 4 exams and then she had to go straight to an event after. Top it all off with the absences and the requirements that she failed to submit, and it gives a teenage girl, tons of problems.

“I would just cry buckets because I was so exhausted and I couldn’t handle the stress of cramming,” she said.


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She added that the experience took a toll on her and she felt like a failure and a disappointment because she didn’t live up to her very own standards.

Fortunately for Alexa Ilacad, she did not give up even with all that and as we all know, she finally walked her graduation ceremony.

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The Instagram post of Alexa was full of smiles from everyone in the ceremony.

Of course, the humbled star also thanked the people who helped and guided her along the way.

Senior high might be over for Alexa Ilacad but it looks like her there’s a bright future for the young actress.

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