Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero get grilled with highly intimate questions in “Gandang Gabi Vice”

We can’t believe that Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are still as good-looking and as active as they were 10 years ago. Already in their 40s, the married couple is in much better shape than those younger than them. But what really took us by surprise is how they still prioritize doing “the deed.”

Most of us think that married couples who have been on this earth for more than three decades lose their mature appetites. However, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are here to tell you that it’s not the case for both of them. The pair is still young, energetic, and completely in love with each other.

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The couple recently made headlines for posting their risque vacation photos on Instagram. Both Aubrey and Troy posed with no clothes on and allowed everyone to have a good look at their tight and toned physique. We have to admit that our jaws collectively dropped from the shocking sight.

But their bold streak isn’t over. In their guest appearance for “Gandang Gabi Vice,” Aubrey and Troy were very candid with their answers with the host’s highly intimate questions. Comedian Vice Ganda explained that they would be playing a game called “Saan, Kelan, Sino.”

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When asked what was their most daring love-making location, Aubrey answered that it was in The Farm in San Benito, the place where they posed naked for the camera. But Troy supplied the knockout punch by confessing that they already did the deed in a plane.

Vice was very surprised and couldn’t imagine how the logistics of that endeavor went. Aubrey naughtily assured everyone that it was possible.

Watch the shockingly honest “Gandang Gabi Vice” episode to see more of their answers below:

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