Igorot father and daughter voted in Baguio wearing traditional garb and it was awesome

Voting is not just a privilege in our country, it’s a right. Whether you fall in the upper class or you’re struggling with poverty, whether you live in the city or you’re an Igorot up in the province of Baguio, voting is your right as a citizen. In this article, we see a perfect example of two Igorots who are showing the country just who they are.

Going viral by the second, Nicholas “Bong” Cawed and Mia went to the polls at Baguio wearing their traditional Cordilleran garb. Bong, a tribal leader who has a tattoo to back that up, said that they should be proud to wear the traditional garb as it is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Actually, this is the 4th time for the father and daughter to go to the polls wearing their traditional garb so for them, it’s not just the message of what they’re wearing, it’s a way of life that they are honoring.

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Definitely taking after her courageous father, Mia is not just an Igorot woman who was there to vote! With politics in her blood and her people in her mind, Mia is running for the position of kagawad in Barangay Greenwater, Baguio City.

According to the proud Igorot candidate, she wants to share her knowledge with the community.

People, online and offline, applauded the actions of the two proud Igorot.

Of course, there were still some people who are not that impressed with the Igorots.

The native people of Cordillera are a proud bunch, and they should be because of their colorful and storied history and culture.

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Just check out this teacher who wears traditional Cordilleran attire while teaching.

Now that is a sight of a true hero.

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