Janella Salvador didn’t greet Jenine Desiderio during Mother’s day

Everyone was busy posting their lengthy and sweet “Mother’s Day” messages last Monday, May 13. It turns out Janella Salvador failed to greet her mother Jenine Desiderio on the special holiday. As some of you may know, the mother and daughter aren’t on the best of terms right now. On Instagram, Jenine shared a video of her youngest son greeting her on Mother’s day.

One netizen asked her if Janella greeted her by commenting: “I’m sure your daughter [ superjanella ] greeted you privately, coz no matter what, you are one family. Happy mothers day. In God time his amazing power will be done at the right time. Good is good.”

Jenine simply replied to the comment: “No, she didn’t.”

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Back in July of 2017, speculation that Janella and Jenine’s had an argument started when the latter posted cryptic tweets.

Three months after, Janella Salvador confirmed there was misunderstanding with her mother.

“Actually, I’d rather not talk about it ‘coz I don’t wanna make a big issue about it. Basta I want to tell everyone na I know what my mom did was not private, pero sana, for me, i-respect na lang yung privacy namin.”

She added:

“We’re solving things, hopefully… and at the right time, everything will be okay. Yun lang masasabi ko.”

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Furthermore in December of last year, Jenine wrote another cryptic post. This time, she took to Facebook to express her disappointment and anger.

Her post read:

“How dare you gatecrash both sides of our family’s Christmas reunions? Do you really just do this as income uninvited? And how could you enjoy knowing I did not come in knowing you were there? My family’s too decent to make you leave but you think you’re welcome & accepted? Think again. If you can. #angkapal.” 


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