Netizen shares concern over lack of urgency by a certain public hospital

Hearing stories about the lack of urgency that hospitals exhibit to certain patients is certainly disheartening. There are times when people who aren’t financially secure are turned away without getting any help. A netizen shared another story about two people who received subpar help from a public hospital.

This Facebook post narrated the experience of a concerned netizen who saw how this public hospital treated two exhausted men. One of them was sitting on a wheelchair, looking frail and weak from his sickness.

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The netizen was informed that the patient was tired. The patient was increasingly uncomfortable as he remained seated. He tried to ask the hospital if they could give him assistance or at least provide a stretcher for him, or just any place he could lie down on.

But as time passed, no one noticed his plea. It turns out that they were also waiting for the hospital’s in getting them home. This was because no taxis were available. The other man who accompanied him said that they were asking for an ambulance that can escort them to their house.

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The netizen was burdened by the patient’s plight and helped the two strangers get the attention of the hospital staff. Moreover, they asked for the help of different barangays and fortunately, one barangay successfully got the patient and his chaperone home.

“Nakauwi naman ng maayos ang pasyente ayon sa netizen sa tulong ng baranggay pildera 2 ngunit masyado daw matagal ang aksyon. Nag tataka lang po kami bakit di pwede pagamit ang ambulansya eh mukhang kailangan naman talaga. Sa tingin nyo po ba nasa katwiran ang Ospital dito?”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the post:

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Source: Facebook

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