Man with no legs and one arm casts vote on Election Day

It is every Filipino’s right to vote. Everyone is expected to cast their votes during election day, that we may elect leaders that will help us. However, there are instances where some of us fail to fulfill our duty as a Filipino citizen. It is due to various factors such as distance, laziness, or simply because we don’t want to. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of exemplary citizens who exert their efforts just to go to the polls. Just take for example this man in Boracay who proves to everyone that physical disability is never a hindrance for him to practice his rights.

Ronald Petalber immediately caught the attention of many upon his arrival at Manoc-Manoc Elementary School this morning. As seen in the photo, he has no legs and only has one arm.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, the 49-year-old voter revealed the reason why he forced himself to be in the precinct area. According to Petalber, he simply wants to be noticed by the politicians. In such way, they will be aware of his condition.

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As expected, Petalbar’s determination inspired many netizens. Many commended him for setting a good example to others, to also practice their rights. While others hoped that he will be given attention and support in the future.

Read some of their comments below:

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In 2016, the Commission on Elections reported that there was a sudden decrease of PWD voters in the country. The campaign “No Bio, No Boto” was suspected to be one of the reasons for the decline of handicapped suffragists. But others believed these unregistered PWD voters opted to hold their vote. It is because many don’t want to have a “special assistant” on election day.


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