Was Anne Curtis educated by a foreigner on the proper carrying of a woman’s bag?

She may look like it, but not all times, Anne Curtis knows what she’s doing.

Like anyone of us, she, too, get some things wrong. (Yes, even It Girls and socialites have their fair share of epic fails.) For this exact reason, the Kapamilya actress was reportedly —  for lack of a better term — ‘educated‘ by a foreigner in an exclusive event. But the way she handled it shows her open mindedness to learn a few tips and tricks here and there.

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In a scoop by Youtube channel Pinas Idols, Anne was posing for a photo op during the Generation T event by Philippine Tatler. While she did so, the foreigner —  who turned out to be the photographer — went to her to fix something. Apparently, she wanted to showcase the actress’ full ensemble, so she instructed the latter to hold her bag in front.

The thing is, the headline put it in a way that Anne was being educated by the foreigner. Although technically she was, the photographer did it so professionally! Being the expert, she only did her job to capture every bit of the event, including all the attendees themselves.

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Really, if it we’re only up to us, she would’ve received a pat on the back for doing such an excellent job!

Watch the scoop here. We’ll let you be the judge.

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