Heart Evangelista reveals she’s already experiencing pregnancy food cravings

An interesting update on Heart Evangelista‘s pregnancy came in just recently!

Mere days after her big announcement on Instagram, the Kapuso actress revealed that she’s already experiencing pregnancy food cravings. Guess what her favorite is? Good ole’ cheesy ensaymada!

As seen on her Instagram story, Heart couldn’t resist the bread even after she already had her meal. Talking to one of her kitchen staff, the mom-to-be could only say the words,

“Oh my Gosh. Why? Wala namang ganyanan, kumain na ako.”


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Next was another story that best described pregnancy in a nutshell. Along with her (obviously blooming) selfie, Heart wrote:

“If you can sleep and eat ensaymada at the same time”


Like any other pregnant women, the mom-to-be also said that she feels hungry all the time. Her takeaway in all this? “This is crazy!”

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While Heart didn’t divulge how far into the pregnany she is, it is said that food cravings can start as early as two to three weeks of pregnancy. According to, other women can experience having cravings even before they find out about their pregnancy.

Watch as the 33-year-old star gives quick updates on her pregnancy here.

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