Homeless man gets amazing financial help to care for his stray dogs

A homeless person can find loyalty and hope in a pet when he can’t find it in anybody else.This is why it was so important for a vagrant named Steve to have received the help he needed to care for the 10 stray dogs he rescued.

Steve was struggling to carry his dogs, who were placed inside a portable, improvised camp when he was spotted by Alicia. Now, this woman was driving along Arkansas highway when she noticed that the homeless man was having problems.

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Alicia kept driving but promised herself that if they cross paths again, she would stop and help him in any way. It looked like the encounter was fate because when Alicia drove back, she saw him again again.

She said:

“God must have put this man on that road at that time for a reason, because as I was returning to town I saw him.”

The kind woman pulled over and started to talk with Steve. It was then that she found out that the homeless man planned to bike his way to Indiana to see his girlfriend, which was 2000 miles away. Alicia also found out that Steve was homeless ever since 2011 and that he has made it his life’s mission to help any stray dogs he will encounter during the trip.

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Inspired by this, Alicia set up a donation page and reached out to anyone willing to help. Their initial goal of $10,000 was immediately reached while another kind soul offered to drive Steve and his dogs to Indiana.

Once he settled in with his girlfriend, a woman named Angela who is part of an animal organization started working with them every day to ensure that the dogs stay healthy and safe.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

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