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Indonesian national rescues a stray malnourished husky dog

Whenever you make a dog feel loved and protected it will be loyal. That is why most people say that a dog can be the most loyal pet. Sharing a similar story, an Indonesian national named Rico Soegiarto became an instant internet sensation after rescuing a stray husky dog from starvation.

According to him, he saw a homeless and malnourished dog while on his way home. Feeling pity for what he saw, he immediately took the dog in.

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Considering that he’s a dog lover, he didn’t have any second thoughts about adopting the stray animal. So, after reaching home, he immediately fed and bathed the husky dog.

In order to regain the strength of his new pet, Rico Soegiarto kept nurturing the dog. Furthermore, he even brought his furry friend to a vet for medical check-up and vitamin prescriptions. Being serious about his goal, he also bought the husky dog a sack of dog food from the nearest pet store.

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As the months passed by, the husky dog gradually recovered from malnutrition. Its fur started to grow to its normal length and shine. The overall appearance of the husky dog became healthier by the day.

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Given the beautiful name Hope, Rico Soegiarto didn’t imagine such a fast recovery for the Husky Dog. Comparing the previous image to the present picture, there’s no denying that Hope is living proof of miraculous change.



On the other hand, netizens immediately expressed their happiness upon seeing the fast recovery of the husky dog named Hope. Moreover, they applauded Rico Soegiarto for his golden heart.

Source: Kicker Daily 
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