Babies by the bucket: woman gives birth to quintuplets

A baby is deemed a blessing for most married couples, while twins are considered a miracle. Ft for Jamie and Skyler Scott, they were gifted with quintuplets. Yup! That’s a lot of babies, five if you’re keeping count.

Having quintuplets is a rare occurrence. According to Very Well Family, it only happens once in every 60 million pregnancies.

A year after their marriage in 2004, Jamie conceived their first baby boy named Shayden. Shortly afterwards, she got pregnant with yet another beautiful baby boy, Landon.

With their family of four, the couple still wanted more. For five years, Jamie tried to get impregnated but with no luck. With the two growing inpatient and desperate, they sought the help of fertility clinics. Jamie then underwent intrauterine insemination — a process by which the sperm is directly placed inside the woman’s uterus.

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With the help of the procedure, the couple was met with good news — they’re finally pregnant! After just 19 weeks, Jamie’s belly grew as big as a 9-month baby bump. She found it difficult to walk and had to use a wheelchair.

Since Jamie took fertility medication and underwent a fertility procedure, they thought it may have caused higher pregnancy expectations. So, the Mormon couple anticipated twins. However, after a trip to the doctor, they were shocked to find five heartbeats in the ultrasound.

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Jamie shared:

I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see all of those babies on the screen.”

It was a difficult pregnancy for Jamie, as her movements were limited. She also had to consume almost 4,000 calories a day for the quintuplets. Ideally, the babies’ due date should be on the 34th month of pregnancy. But after one baby’s sac ruptured on the 21st week, Jamie’s labor pushed a little early on the 24th week.

On March 21, in a span of five minutes, Jamie gave birth to Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan and Lincoln by Cesarean section.

The mother said:

I’m excited… I’m very, very tired right now, but I know with doing this it’s gonna take the two of us and a whole village of people back home.

Here are some comments from social media users who celebrated with Jamie and Skyler:

Phew! Just imagine five babies smiling and crying all at once. It’s both beautiful and a bit overwhelming.

Watch their video below!




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