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Captivating nurse Krestle Deomampo is back at it again with #OperationTuli

Back in 2015, all the adolescent boys suddenly got excited at the prospect of circumcision and it’s all thanks to Krestle Deomampo. It isn’t surprising that the perfect solution to dispel their fears is a beautiful and captivating nurse doing the job. You might roll your eyes at this but once you see her, you’ll understand why the boys are under her spell.

This year, Krestle Deomampo and her team are once again doing #OperationTuli. The young Davaoeña nurse posted a picture of her wearing scrubs and preparing sharp medical tools while smiling on Instagram.

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She captioned the viral post with:

“#OperationTuli once again [smiling emoji] #circumcision #philippines”

And with the 1,384 likes her picture got, it’s safe to say that a lot of people are looking forward to this. It’s no secret that a lot of people have been captivated by the nurse’s beauty. She already has over 40,000 followers on Facebook and 18,000 on Instagram!

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According to FHM, Krestle is not only a registered nurse but the young woman is also teamed up with a beauty company named Amway. What’s impressive is that Krestle is responsible for managing the brand’s local Instagram account.

But her dreams of becoming a model don’t dampen her desire to serve the Filipino people. The nurse is also an avid volunteer of medical missions. There’s nothing better than a woman whose heart is as precious as her beauty.






We hope to see more of Nurse Krestle and may she find the perfect opportunity to reach her modeling dreams!

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Source: FHM
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