Jessy Mendiola reveals she and driver were involved in a car accident

On the morning of May 16, Jessy Mendiola revealed that she and her driver got into a car accident.

Fans and followers were worried after the actress took to her Instagram stories to detail the incident. Apparently, she and her driver were on a road trip when the latter accidentally fell asleep at the wheel. This then caused the van to hit a barrier and swerve towards the middle of the road, much to their shock.

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Naturally, Jessy Mendiola feared for her life, especially since she was sitting on the side right where the vehicle got hit. Thankfully, she and her driver survived the accident without crashing into another car.


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Despite all this, the celebrity said that she didn’t get angry at her driver. Although, the experience taught her a lesson that other drivers should take to heart.

My advice to drivers or to anyone who’s driving long hours, when you’re feeling sleepy or tired please stop and take a quick nap. You are responsible for the lives of the people riding with you.”

In the end, Jessy Mendiola was very grateful that she and her driver weren’t harmed.

Watch the video below:

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