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Maine Mendoza impressed by bibbo storytelling kid in Eat Bulaga

Popular “Eat Bulaga segment All for Juan, Juan for All has proved a good opportunity for audiences from small communities share their life stories, to showcase their talents, and to overall just have a good time! Even hosts Maine Mendoza, Jose, and Wally seem to really enjoy meeting all sorts of people in this segment.

In yesterday’s episode, a five-year-old girl named Jessie amazed not just the hosts on the ground, but even the ones in the studio! Surely none of them expected just how talented and bibbo Jessie is. Indeed, she is one of those you could call ‘small but terrible.’






At first, the hosts seemed apprehensive when the tiny child said she wants to share her talent. Fortunately, Maine Mendoza backed her up, asked her name, and brought light to the fact that this little girl is extraordinary!

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Jessie first gained the awe of Eat Bulaga hosts when she blurted out, “Lahat naman po ng tao gwapo at magaganda,” in response to Jose Manalo asking her if she found herself, and other people like Maine Mendoza, attractive.

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When it was time for Jessie to show her talent, everyone was quiet at first. See, she originally told Maine Mendoza she’d do some storytelling, so everyone looked puzzled when she started to sing.






However, it all started to make sense a few moments later, at which point Jessie already had all the “Eat Bulaga” hosts and audience smitten. Now, netizens are giving a fearless forecast that this little girl will be big in the future.

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Indeed, it is touching how supportive Maine was of the little girl, even before she was able to prove she had it in her. In a way, it could be because Maine relates to the girl. See, she also started out as a little girl with big dreams, and was fortunate enough to see them all come true, one by one.






Watch the bibbo performance that impressed Maine Mendoza herself right here:




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