#What’sInsideMyBag: Mariel Padilla reveals items inside her bag

Following her successful weight transformation, TV host Mariel Padilla is the new face of the slimming expert Marie France. During the launching event, she reveals the items in her bag and wallet.

Being a first-time mother, the 33-year-old celebrity uncovers the items inside her bag filled with numerous mom stuff. She kick-starts the revelation with simple products.

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Read what Mariel said:

“I have a Hong Kong Disneyland pen. […] a cellphone. I swear by this also. […] a pigeon hand and mouth wet tissue. Why? Because my daughter sucks her fingers. When she’s holding her toys, she can suck it kaagad. The other one kasi is for the bum-bum (stool). So, the other one for the bum-bum (stool) is not for the eating.”

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Aside from the hand and mouth wet tissue, Mariel also brings a handful of mosquito patches for her daughter Maria Isabella Padilla.

“Cycles Sensitive Anti-mosquito patch. They get Isabela’s ano talaga… The mosquitos get Isabela all the time. Like one time, her face had like 6 the mosquito bites. And like Robin was like we were so many in the house. Tapos siya yung kinakagat. I felt like such a bad mother.”

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Another surprising fact about Mariel, she never fails to carry important sanitizing products. Well, we can’t really blame her if she wishes to stay clean from any pathogens lurking around.

“Please show this to Bianca Gonzales, Sanicare… tissue! Bianca Gonzales! I have a mask, kasi I was sick. I have a Human Nature Kid’s Sanitizer. Aside from that, I also have this Tiny Budz Hand Sanitzer. This Tiny Budz [that I’m showing you], this is not a paid ad. Pero kasi it has alcohol grade. You can only buy it online, ok you can’t buy it in the… it is alcohol grade… It’s food safe, food alcohol.”



Going further into her wallet, Mariel surprises the entertainment press with her voter’s id.

“I have a Shakey’s super card. Ganun pag mom. I also have a Florabelle card para may sosyal. Okay. Oh, Shopwise elite member! […] I also have […] Oh this is my voter’s [ID] so I can vote. I have one dollar. […] [and] a Rustan’s card.”



In an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Mariel Padilla also opens up about her weight struggles before. According to her, she worries that her husband Robin Padilla might not be pleased with her heavy appearance.

“… It was fat in places you will never imagine. Like my fingers were fat. Okay, Robin didn’t complain not once. Kasi he knew I was doing it for my baby. It’s not like […] I just got fat because gusto ko lang nag pabaya lang ako. No! I was doing it because I was nourish my child.  We were every successful. So, he was very supportive of that.”

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