Old man went to car salesroom to cool down and encounters a saleslady

There are a lot of stories online about casually dressed people going into car salesrooms looking to buy a car. Unfortunately, they are often shunned by salesmen. Oftentimes, they’d go inside a salesroom wearing a pair of flip-flops and a simple shirt. For most sales personnel, this is a sign that says that person is not there to buy anything. This story featuring an old man is just like that.

Here’s the scenario, it was a hot and humid afternoon and an old man went inside a car salesroom.

He was welcomed by a salesgirl who asked him how she could help her out.

He answered softly,

“Sorry, you do not need to serve me. I just came in to enjoy your air-conditioned room. It is a hot and humid day today. I will leave when I have cooled down a little.”

The salesgirl agreed that it was a hot day so she offered the old man a glass of cold tea. She even invited him to sit on a sofa. The old man said that he is a farmer who works in the fields and he was afraid he might ruin the sofa. The kind salesgirl said that the sofa is for customers so there’s no problem.

She then gave him a rundown of the trucks that are available in the salesroom, telling the old man that he might have a friend who’s interested.


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The old man listened carefully to the truck’s specifications. He then pulled out a piece of paper and said that he has chosen a truck and he needs a lot of them.

The salesgirl looked at the piece of paper and she was surprised when she found out that he wanted 18 of them!


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She then tried to excuse herself to get her manager because it was a bulk order.

The old man said that there’s no need. He then revealed everything.


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Apparently, the old man has been doing the exact same thing to other salesrooms. Unfortunately, he was shunned by each and every one of them.

“I decided to buy my trucks from you as your good service proves that this company will have good after-sales services.”

Netizens agreed about the moral of the story.

Although this story is obviously a work of pure fiction, its lesson still rings true. Never judge a book by its cover.

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