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Sharon Cuneta admits losing her close relationship with daughter KC Concepcion

Just a few days after Mother’s Day, Sharon Cuneta shockingly revealed that her relationship with KC Concepcion isn’t what it used to be. Chalking it up to her daughter’s independence, Sharon is saddened by the gradual disappearance of their closeness. But of course, this mother is hopeful that everything will be okay again.

On Instagram, Sharon Cuneta shared a photo of her youngest daughter, Mariel Daniella Sophia, as they bonded over movies and Korean drama series. While overjoyed that she gets to have quality time with her kids, the Megastar can’t help but wish to have more of these memories with KC.



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“I love being with my girls. I admittedly didn’t have this kind of relationship na with KC after she turned 13… She had the best of my youth though. And she was the best kid ever! I somehow just lost her somewhere years back… though I love her very much and will be here for her anytime.”

“She’s a full-grown adult so I don’t expect that I’ll suddenly have such a big impact on her life now! I wanted her to grow up independent, but medyo too independent na siya which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Kristina Concepcion’s time and focus are eaten up by different endeavors including her new jewelry business. Coupled with her frequent travels, it’s no surprise that her mother would miss her.

“I just miss that I know I have four kids and am able to share my life with only three. No bad. All good naman. These three gremlins naman are my joy and ‘entertainment’ at home! I never like to leave the house when they are with me. I love that we are stuck together like glue. I laugh when my kids laugh with me. Minsan pati when they laugh at me!”

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In another Instagram post, Sharon Cuneta posted a throwback video wherein she dedicated a song to her eldest daughter. It showed a young KC smiling at her mother who performed a heartfelt rendition of Regina Belle’s “If I Could” which made their current situation all the more heartbreaking.


Watch the video below:

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