Congratulations? Is JC de Vera a father now? This picture says yes!

JC de Vera is definitely one of the hottest artists right now. With his ABS-CBN show “Since I Found You” hitting its stride, it looks like this star will just keep on rising to the top. As we all know, he’s not that loud when it comes to his personal life. But it looks like there’s something big and new going on with him.

Many know that JC de Vera has a girlfriend, a fact that he confirmed back in 2015. She’s not a part of showbiz so we don’t know much about her. Still, it’s safe to say that two of them are happy and in love, as evident in their social media pictures.


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You ready for this though? In a picture that’s going viral online, JC de Vera is lying down with his girlfriend. Oh, what’s that in between them?


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A tiny baby!

Of course, the photo immediately took the internet by storm and they have lots of questions for the couple.


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According to a netizen, the two were previously spotted at Circuit Makati with JC de Vera’s alleged baby mama carrying what seems to be a baby bump. Here’s what netizens have to say. We don’t know yet for sure, but just in case, congratulations to JC de Vera and his beloved.

UPDATE: Earlier this day, JC de Vera proudly confirmed that he is already a father. In a report from Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the actor said via his manager Leo Dominguez, “I’m proud to be one.” According to Leo, JC’s fatherhood, as well as his bundle of joy, will remain private since his partner is not part of the showbiz industry.

Whatever his decision may be, let’s all wish JC good luck with this new chapter in his life.

Source: Fashion Pulis | PEP
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