A construction worker gets rejected twice; 10 years later he becomes a boss

Most parents tend to criticize the lover of their child. After all, they can’t help but assess the lover in terms of educational attainment, current job, etc.

However, a man named Micheal proved to us that sometimes love just ain’t enough. Nonetheless, a heartbreak should not stop us from pursuing our dreams.

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20 years ago, Micheal had no option but to accept the fact that his father can’t further help him to study in college. Being contented working as a construction worker, his first girlfriend  Irene decided to breakup up with him because she doesn’t’ want to end up with a poor man.

Soon after this break up, Micheal met another woman named Judy. After almost two years of dating, they eventually fell in love with each other.

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Just when they thought that their love is going to last, Micheal and Irene met another problem in their romantic relationship. It turned out that Irene’s parents didn’t approve Micheal to be her husband. According to her parents, Micheal, who was still a construction worker, will never give Irene a bright and secured future.

After they broke up, Michael still continued to be a construction worker. That is until, one day, his friend suggested him to work in Australia. Following his friend’s advice, Micheal flew to Australia to work as a construction worker.

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Having a hard time adapting to his environment at first, Micheal eventually assimilated himself to Australian cultre. Then, after five years, he decided to return to Taiwan. At first, he became a contractor. As the years passed by, Michael managed to start his own construction company.

Still, he never forgot his two former girlfriends. As of now, Irene is a divorced single mother while Judy is still an unmarried woman.

Source: The Good Times | Infact Buzz
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