Take a look at Annabelle and Eddie Gutierrez’s resort-like home!

With their growing celebrity empire, the Gutierrez‘s, might as well be the Philippine version of the Kardashians. But their glamour, personality, and status aren’t the only things comparable to the Kardashian clan, Annabelle and Eddie‘s new house is just as grand as theirs.

In 2014, they gave their old house in Quezon City a spin. With the talents of interior designer Jeizele delos Reyes-Go, their house looked more elegant and sophisticated.

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Their two-story house that stands on a huge 660 sq m. lot. The main theme of the house is minimalism with a hint of a tropical vibe. The walls look refreshingly clean with its white paint. Potted plants are scattered everywhere to complete the resort-like feel.

Upon entering their house, wide and spacious living area will greet guests. The room is also beautifully illuminated as sunshine passes through its windows.

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The eight-seater dining area also looks very neat, as the wall cabinets safely keep all kitchen tools.






But don’t be fooled with the house’s simple and humble appearance. In Annabelle’s master bedroom lies all of her high-end products. Her wall is decorated with her expensive shoe and bag collection. Of course, she also has a walk-in closet that is probably as big as my apartment unit.

All the furniture in the house is either made from wood, metal, or glass, in line with its theme.

Their house also has a Bali-inspired terrace and a cozy pool.

Imagine waking up everyday to this house! I wouldn’t leave!

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