Did JM de Guzman have a problem working with Rita Avila for “Araw Gabi?”

“Araw Gabi” marked the return of JM de Guzman after falling from grace with netizens because of his involvement with illegal substances. Following the release of the first episode, Filipino viewers began to realize how much they missed the actor’s brilliance. But is there any truth to the rumors that he is causing problems for co-star Rita Avila?

In her interview with Boy Abunda, the veteran actress spilled the beans and said that JM did have a problem working with her. As we all know, Rita Avila is a sweet, talented, and respected artist so it’s crazy to think that anyone would hate acting alongside her.

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But it turns out that there’s nothing really wrong about the situation. Rita immediately said that the reason for JM’s hesitation lies in the fact that she looks so young. The actor thought that portraying her son wasn’t going to be believable.

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The hilarious revelation made everyone in the studio laugh. Rita assured JM that this wasn’t going to be the case since the make-up department would make her look older. How sweet is JM de Guzman to flatter his on-screen mother with such a compliment!

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