Netizen reveals the shocking truth behind the work of laborers in food stalls

Let’s admit it. It’s tough finding highly-desirable work nowadays. However, we can only get to see this fact in the face when we go out of our comfort zones and actually talk with people in these unfortunate positions.

A netizen posted a viral story on her Facebook account about the back-breaking labor conditions of the laborers working behind franchise food stalls.


Netizen Alexandra Craig Yulo was having a hard time waiting for her commute when she decided to order from nearby food stalls, Potato Corner and Minute Burger.

However, the laborers began talking to one other on what seems to be a simple work problem at first.

She found out that these food stall workers are required to work for 24 hours. Without the other person filling the next shift, they are forced to work until the next day.

So, food stall work may be hard, risky and demanding, but these laborers still prefer to stay despite the working conditions because of fear of losing income.

A lot of netizens commented their rage towards the inhumane treatment of other business men to their workers.

We hope that the authorities will soon take an action towards these businesses who are making their laborers suffer.

Photo Source: 1- 15 FACEBOOK

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