Incredible story: From “Hi, Kuya Guard” to “good morning, sir!”

It is never too late for someone to reach their dreams, and former security guard Erwin Macua proved just that.

He will no longer be stationed in the school’s gate as he will now spend hours by the chalkboard.

Macua, who has been manning the school’s grounds as a security guard, passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers last September 2017.

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The 39-year-old had to split himself into two for four years. With his 12-hour-shift as a security personnel and classes at night at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu, he had to sacrifice going home and sleeping to pursue his dream. He also often does his schoolwork in the guard house which served as a “second home” for him.

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Erwin originally took Civil Engineering in his hometown, Bohol. But, because of financial incapability, he had to stop schooling. The then elementary and high school Valedictorian thought that he cannot go back to school anymore, so instead, he started working in order to support his children.

But 17 years later, Macua knew he wanted to pursue a degree. He enrolled in St. Theresa’s College and was granted a 50 percent discount. Because of his passion and determination, the school’s alumni and parents paid for his remaining fees.

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Macua repaid all of their help by graduating with flying colors. He graduated Cum Laude, and this August, he will be teaching grade school pupils in St. Theresa’s College!

Now, what’s your excuse to not pursue your dream?


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