Canadian house turns out to be a well-maintained vintage paradise

Some houses aren’t what they seem. Houses with bland exteriors sometimes hides the true beauty found within. Take, for example, this seemingly ordinary Canadian house that was recently put up for sale by its 96-year-old owner. Upon entering the home, the real estate agent working on it was beyond amazed.

No one expected that this Canadian house was a huge, well-maintained, time capsule. The original owners of this house were adamant in keeping the property polished and it definitely paid off. When you step inside the house’s front door, it’s like you were taken back to the 1950s.

You’re greeted by walls adorned with vintage wallpaper and ornate mirrors and cabinets. Most of these furniture have gold details that you rarely see in any home anymore. When you move to the living area, it also has the same white, blue, gold scheme that feature splashes of bright pink and blue from different accessories.

They even have a matching velvet chair and foot stool! Of course, the bathroom is as pretty as the other areas found in the property. The bathtub/shower use the familiar square tiles. Of course, gold details can found anywhere you look. There’s even a pink, fluffy fabric placed on top of the toilet!

Now for the vintage home’s kitchen, the owners decided that it was going to be all white. It even had a nook by the window offering a great view while you eat breakfast. There’s even a den instead of a basement perfect for get-togethers or sleepovers because it even has its own bar and a fireplace.

Anyone who will purchase this vintage Canadian home is sure to be a lucky homeowner.

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