Diego Loyzaga receives hate messages after posting throwback picture of himself in Boracay

Ill-timed jokes aren’t a great response to serious situations and actor Diego Loyzaga learned this the hard way. After posting a throwback photo of himself and two of his friends in Boracay, a wave of questions found its way to Diego. People were quite confused because they knew that the popular island was closed for rehabilitation.

Diego Loyzaga answered that they were locals which angered a whole lot of people. Some thought that the response was arrogant and accusations started to pour in. It wasn’t surprising that people thought he used his fame and connections to get inside the island.

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Moreover, the misunderstanding got worse because Diego Loyzaga didn’t clarify that it was throwback picture. Surprised by the hate, the actor edited his post and added a few more sentences to his caption.

“These photos were taken months ago. I only posted to show appreciation to my two friends who are in the photo with me. I meant no disrespect to Boracay, the people living there and its current state.”

He even admitted that his family owns land there and his mother, actress Teresa Loyzaga, organized plenty of clean up activities to help Boracay. Diego apologized for any harm he caused but made it clear that he wasn’t “exploiting” the island.

“I was not exploiting Boracay in any way. Sorry sa mga nagalit. Although the post may come of quite obnoxious, that was not intended. Sorry especially to the people who are living in Boracay and saw this post. So for everyone in the comment section that’s hating on this post, hopefully this will clear things up.”

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