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Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz enjoy the beach in Amanpulo, Palawan

Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz are making headlines once more. It seems the internet really can’t get enough of them, although we can’t blame netizens for the attention the celebrities have been getting, too.

There’s just too much left for the world to speculate, as the two have remained quiet regarding the real score between them. All we have are photos of them living a life far from the one they knew as players in the show business industry. Ellen Adarna and her rumoured beau John Lloyd seemed to have chosen the quieter life, spending all their time in beaches and other tourist spots.

This time, photos of them having a grand time in Amanpulo, Palawan have been setting netizens abuzz.

Based on Instagram stories posted by Ellen Adarna herself, they spent the whole day lounging at the beach, snorkeling, and enjoying the sunset while listening to music by the seashore.

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The two also feasted on lechon de leche they seem to have roasted themselves. What a way to spend the day at an island as beautiful as Amanpulo, right?

However, some netizens couldn’t be happy for the two. Some have said she should first respond to the complaint being lodged against her by the teenager she accused of taking stolen photos of her.

Libel, child abuse, and cybercrime are the three cases Ellen could be facing. This is after she was asked but failed to issue a public apology to the minor she exposed in her Instagram stories.

Some netizens are now saying she first face these complaints before she could go around enjoying herself too much. Others don’t have much to say except well wishes to the two, amid all the controversy they’re facing.

SOURCE: Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub

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