#OperationSaveLamb: Kids rescue a little lamb stuck inside a pipe!

As we all know, there are many animals out there that share the same amount of curiosity just like us, humans. As a matter of fact, one little lamb from a farm in Victoria, Australia can prove this statement. However, baby lamb’s curiosity went too far and led it in a dangerous situation. Luckily, two girls noticed the lost farm animal.

The daughter of Zed & Co Farms owners Nick Zielinski and Marnie Zielinski, together with her best friend, wandered around their farm. While enjoying their walk together, they heard a wailing sound coming from somewhere.

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At first, they had no idea where the animal cry was coming from. Moments later, they figured out that the distressed calls came from something trapped in a massive pipe.

Completely alarmed by what they found out, the daughter immediately went to her parents to ask for help. Fortunately, her parents were quick to respond, opened up the pipe and freed the baby animal. The trapped animal happened to be a little lamb who somehow got stuck in the pipe.

They named the daring rescue as “Operation Save Lamb.” They first used a shovel to remove some soil. With enough digging, the massive pipe eventually appeared. Using a crowbar, they forcibly opened it until the little lamb became visible.

“I can see it … It’s still alive … It’s black.”

However, the big tube was still not wide enough to pull the little lamb from it’s trap. Using an angle grinder this time, they successfully cut up a bigger hole to save the farm animal.

Little by little, they managed to pull the baby lamb. Holding its head first, the offspring was finally rescued. They named the little lamb “Pipe-O.”

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Source: NTD TV
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