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Meet Mark Ty, a visual artist who created the miniature Badjao houses

In ancient times, a small group of nomadic people decided to gather in the coastal area of Southeast Asia. With the main purpose to start a new civilization, they prospered and became a band of wandering sea dwellers. Fast forward to this day, they have become what we call the Badjao people.

Furthermore, the Badjao people are world-famous for their eccentric architectural house designs. As a result, this is what inspired architecture student and visual arts teacher Mark Ty to create such beautiful and intricate miniature Badjao houses.

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At a very young age, Mark Ty already had what it takes to be an artist someday. Equipped with a vivid imagination, he communicated his artistry in his impressive doodles.

According to the artist, he aspired to become an architect in order to incorporate his own personal style into these traditional Filipino designs. Therefore, Mark Ty works hard to bring out that inspiration  every time he creates something artistic – with a dream to be recognized in the future for his distinctive aesthetic.

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By looking his collection of artworks, you can guess that Mark draws inspiration from urban life. Considering the fact that he grew up in a multi-ethnic family, he also has a diverse perception when it comes to different kinds of society.

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Using a variety of media, Mark Ty wants to show the different facets of society. From the traditional way of living up to the modern way of living, he could easily communicate his opinion through his art.

“I want my works to reflect and convey a message to the viewer.”

As of now, he is currently living in General Santos City. Moreover, he also sizes every opportunity to start a new concept for his next artwork.

Source: KAMI
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