Sofia Andres allegedly evades interview, irks blogger

Earlier this year, Kapamilya young actress Sofia Andres found herself under fire after Mangyan Blogger accused her of having an “attitude problem.” This led to a debate among netizens, with some affirming the blogger’s claims while the others disagreed.

Shortly after the controversy set the social media world abuzz, Sofia took to her Instagram to air her side. She reasoned out she had personal issues and apologized to the ones she might have been rude to.

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Fast forward to the present time, and it seems like this issue has reemerged recently after a different blogger expressed his dismay on Facebook. Just when we thought that this matter already concluded, a blogger named Michael Louie Almacen stated another incident involving the young star.

What was quite surprising also were the online users who backed up Michael’s post.

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Sofia was among the crowd of the country’s brightest stars and most talented artists and musicians who graced this year’s massive MYX Music Awards at the Big Dome. Other notable attendees were Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Elmo Magalona, and Janella Salvador.

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