A father from Florida captures sweet moment of his newborn twins

Indeed, no words truly describe the overwhelming feeling you get after watching your child come into this world. As a parent, what a better way to cherish this wonderful moment than to capture it via camera. For a father named Dane Lyman from Orlando, Florida, this was the first thing that came to his mind upon witnessing his newborn twins.

Aside from capturing their first cry, the father also recorded an adorable moment. Based on the video, the newborn twins were separated momentarily and they began to cry separately. They immediately stopped crying when they were reunited.

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Read what the father had to say in an interview below:

“Immediately after delivery, I followed the boys to see how long they were and how much they weighed. That’s when I got the footage. It was one of sweetest things to watch and I’m so glad I caught it on video.”

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Furthermore, he revealed that the couple were so grateful to welcome their newborn twins to the family.

“One of our greatest hopes, when we found out we were having twins, was that, as they grew, they would be good friends and support one another. Seeing them comfort each other just moments after birth was almost like the first step in that special relationship.”

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Born last February 28, Dane Lyman, who is currently a medical school student at the University of Central Florida, named his two bundles of joy Weston Lyman and Caleb Lyman. Their mother, Lisa, is a nurse but decided to stay at home in order to take care of daughters Corinne and Amelia.

Even though his wife never saw what happened, he told Yahoo Lifestyle that they both cried after seeing the footage again.

“My wife Lisa wasn’t able to see that and didn’t even know it was happening. When I showed her, she was emotional and grateful I captured that moment. We both still tear up when we watch it.”

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Watch the video below!

Twin newborns comfort eachother

SO SWEET: A dad captures the sweet moment when his newborn twins, Caleb and Weston comfort each other right after their birth. After spending 9 months together, it seems the two do not like to be apart.Full story ►

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