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Julia Barretto shares sneak peek of her dream house under construction

Julia Barretto has always dreamed of having her own home. As a matter of fact, she initially planned to start construction for one when she was just 18 years old. Now that she’s 20, construction for said dream home is almost over, and Julia couldn’t be more thankful and excited.

In a recent Instagram update, Julia Barretto revealed the house is almost done with the building construction. This is good news, as Julia herself said before she’d be more hands-on with things like interior and landscape design.

“That’s me sitting on the 1st floor of my almost finished home It’s getting real…” Julia wrote on Instagram.

When the building first started construction, it was Marjorie who shared photos to netizens. She revealed it has already been a long-standing dream for Juls.

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Julia confirmed this in an interview she had with the Philippine Entertainment Portal last year.

“Since I was 18, I was already planning of building a home.

“But maybe, at the time, I wasn’t really ready yet to do anything.

“But now that I am already 20, I think I’m more than ready.”  

Julia added that she’s going to be hands on in designing her dream home.

“I’m so excited for the furniture, for the interior design and everything.

“But the thing I’m most excited about is my walk-in closet.”

Now, a lot of netizens asked Marjorie if she feels a bit sad seeing as her baby girl is close to living on her own, in her own house.


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Still, Julia Barretto said she is not expecting to see less of her mother just because she now has her own property. As a matter of fact, she is hoping to still learn more and more from her mother now that she has the real world underneath her feet.

“She’s just enjoying the moment that I’m still under her roof.

“But I always tell her that I’m still gonna be in her house every day to eat there.

“I live so close to her still, so I feel like the tips will come in every day.

“And I feel like I will also learn every day as I face those challenges when I actually live in that house already.”


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SOURCE: Instagram | Philippine Entertainment Portal

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