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Marjorie Barretto gets surprise birthday cake from her loyal household staff

It certainly is sweet when celebrities express gratitude to people like their personal assistants or household staff. When these people start going the extra mile for their employers, it means another thing. It shows how well they are treated, and how much they feel blessed with their employers. Take Marjorie Barretto, for instance.

She celebrated her birthday on May 19. There weren’t any extravagant and huge gatherings for it, but that doesn’t mean the day wasn’t special. As a matter of fact, Marjorie Barretto took to Instagram to show her appreciation to the people who made her day extra special and memorable.

“The sweetest household staff,” she wrote on Instagram, as a caption to this short clip she posted.

In the video, her household help gathered around and borught a cake for her. They sang Happy Birthday for the actress, who appeared visibly overwhelmed by the birthday surprise.

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As many netizens pointed out, this simple gesture proved that Marjorie Barretto has been a very good employer. After all, would you even bother preparing a surprise for someone who doesn’t treat you well?

This netizen summarized it pretty well: “Hi marjbarretto that only shows na talagang mabait kapong tao not only a wonderful mother to your kids. Happy Birthday po.”


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Furthermore, this is a far cry from how Marjorie’s sister Claudine was being painted by her household staff. One of her helpers even sought the help of Raffy Tulfo recently, alleging Claudine didn’t treat her well.

If that is true, maybe Claudine could learn a thing or two from Marjorie on how to maintain harmonious relationships with one’s staff.

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