Are Mavy Legaspi and Sofia Andres officially dating?

Mavy Legaspi, one half of the gorgeous Legaspi twins, just posted a photo of himelf and Sofia Andres on Instagram. Needless to say, we are shookt!

Did Mavy Legaspi just admit that he and Sophia Andres are dating? We want answers, now!

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Mavy’s recent IG post showing his arm around Sofia’s shoulders while they pose with goofy faces took us all by surprise. Why? Because this young man never posts a photo of himself with a woman except if it’s with his twin sister or his mother!

We are certain that Sofia has a boyfriend because actor Diego Loyzaga — Sofia’s rumored ex-boyfriend and former love team partner — just said so a couple of weeks back.

Remember when Diego was hit with nasty comments about him “cheating” on Sofia? Well, he cleared that all up and said that he and Sofia are over. He also asked them to stop tagging Sofia in his IG posts, because “someone” might get mad. Is that someone Mavy?

All signs are pointing to a single direction now, don’t you think?

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In case their relationship checks out, we wouldn’t object! I mean look at them together, they’re perfect! And most netizens agree.

Although, there are some who pointed out their age gap. Come on, guys! It’s just two years.

Watch the video below:


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