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Netizen shares story of her twin babies who never got out of the hospital alive

When it gets really difficult to stay strong, we have to remember why we’re living in the first place. True strength is measured in the darkest times. We should all remember that. A female netizen and mother-to-be learned this lesson by going through some of the hardest days in her life — while expecting twin babies.

Quite ironically, the hardest days of her life came at the verge of her receiving the best gift the universe could ever give her — her twin babies. She reveals how it was in October 2017 when she first exhibited symptoms of pregnancy. She started to gain weight and also began craving various food.

Every milestone she achieved while carrying her twin babies, she shared on Facebook. Her connections and other netizens from the social media site all witnessed her story.

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When she first found out she was expecting twin babies, she was overjoyed. That was also when she realized why she’d been experiencing incredible struggle in her pregnancy.


She had to undergo multiple ultrasound tests because of frequent abdominal pains. She also experienced pain from the scar of her previous CS operation.

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At first, her OB thought that the twin babies would be premature. Rose Ann was advised to move to a different hospital in order for them to better prepare for the babies’ arrival.

After three days of confinement, her doctor advised her that her CS scar is thinning and another operation must be done in order to prevent rupture from her abdomen. The operation was necessary to keep all of their lives.

The twin babies Aeron Ezekiel and Aiden Elijah were prematurely born last April 29. They only stayed inside their mother’s tummy for 7 1/2 months. They had to be given oxygen because the babies were weak from the delivery.

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The babies had to be moved to a different hospital even before Rose Anne could even get a glimpse of them because of their state.

After 5 days, Aiden’s weak body could no longer accept the transfusion. He left this world a day after.

Later on, at 5:33 PM on the same day, his twin brother Aeron followed him.

While the twin babies were brought to their final resting place, their parents can’t help but feel worse because just outside their house, the town fiesta was happening.

Although filled with regret, Rose Anne Apostol-Del Rosario and her husband believes that their twin babies are now happy angels in heaven and expressed their unending love for them.


SOURCE: Facebook

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