Is Shaina Magdayao poking fun at Ellen Adarna on her IG story?

People can’t help but talk about Ellen Adarna and her infamous “papping” incident. Likewise, some celebrities are seemingly joking around with this controversial issue. Recently, Shaina Magdayao posted an Instagram story that some took as a rib towards Ellen.

In the photos, Shaina was covering her face and pretending to escape a man taking photos of her. To it, she added the caption, “Us playing around upon landing” matched with a stuck-out tongue emoji. Hmm… shady?

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Thought this was funny but now think its annoying,” she wrote on the following IG story.

We all know that Shaina is part of John Lloyd‘s long-list of celebrity exes. Who can forget about their rumored “hospitalization” that caused havoc in the entertainment scene?

The two dated for two years before they were allegedly separated by Lloydie’s other ex, Angelica Panganiban. During a “Gandang Gabi Vice” appearance, Angelica was asked if she was the reason why the two broke up. To which she replied, “Feeling ko”.

Some netizens applaud her for the parody, while others accuse her of being “bitter”. Read some of their comments here:

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Shaina hasn’t entered into a relationship since then. Well, at least any official relationship right, papa P? 

Last January, Shaina was asked by PEP about the alleged relationship budding between Ellen and John Lloyd.

Not wanting to be part of the issue, Shaina said:

“Uy, ano ba? May value ba ang comment ko? Wala naman, kaya huwag na tayo kumoment. Wala namang value.”

Presently, the 28-year-old Kapamilya actress is busy with her afternoon action and drama show, “Asintado“.

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Here are some of the netizens reaction:


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