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Sharon Cuneta slams critics who call her a bad woman and mother

Sharon Cuneta can’t be perfect and flawless all the time, but we are all witnesses to how caring and loving she is to her children. Theirs has always been a tight-knit family, with Sharon as the doting matriarch. It’s no wonder her children are growing up to be fine, decent people.

Sharon’s fans are well aware of her relationship with her daughter, KC Concepcion, which has always been pretty good. As a matter of fact, theirs may be one of the best mother-daughter relationships in the local entertainment industry.

This is why the Megastar couldn’t simply stand by and let critics call her a bad woman and a bad mother.

On May 16, the Megastar posted a throwback video clip of a concert she had in the old days. KC was in this video, still a young girl. Netizens proceeded to flood the comments section with negativity. The comments pitted Sharon against her ex-husband, KC’s father Gabby Concepcion.


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Sharon Cuneta isn’t having any of it. She asked — if she was so bad, then why did someone (we could only assume it’s Gabby) keep trying to woo her back?

She also pointed out KC’s accolades — proof that she was raised well.

“Ayun – isang napakagandang dalaga na may degree mula sa Paris, intelehente at may class.”

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Of all the bad things said against Sharon Cuneta, the one that irked her the most were comments insisting she had been a bad mother.

This is her simple, scalding answer:


You go, girl!

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