Sofia Andres interviewed by blogger during MYX Music Awards

Young Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres has been the talk of the town once again after a blogger complained about her behavior during the 2018 MYX Music Awards. According to the blogger, the actress avoided interviews, unlike the other celebrity guests who willingly answered queries from media personnel.

On Youtube, a video compilation uploaded by “StarPhotog Vidz” surfaced and part of it seems to corroborate the blogger’s accusation. In the video, Sofia Andres struck a few poses for a photo op. She then seemed to walk away from the crowd as some press people were calling her over to be interviewed.

Rude, right?

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This is nothing new for Sofia Andres, who has made a reputation for being a bit of a snob when it comes to the press.

Further along the clip, however, Sofia was seen engaged in an interview with a blogger. She was even exchanging smiles and pleasantries with him. Afterwards, she waved and threw kisses at her fans before leaving the scene.

So, what gives?

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The video seems to contradict itself. It’s up to viewers to decide what they will believe in — does Sofia really have an “attitude problem” or is her “suplada” behavior just a facade?

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Watch the video below.

See how netizens reacted to Sofia’s behavior.

SOURCES: Youtube
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-7, 11-15 Youtube | 8-10 Instagram

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