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Meet Yela Tung, the lovely and talented sister of Kapuso star Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe is known for her beauty and talent. These are just two of the things that make her known as one of the best stars in her generation. The limelight loves her, and she seems to really enjoy it, too!

Despite the busy schedule show business demands, Lovi Poe always has time to spend with her family. As a matter of fact, she appears really close to her younger sister, despite the distance keeping them apart. Yes, you read that right — Lovi Poe has a younger sister. Not just that, Mariel “Yela” Tung is actually just as beautiful and just as talented as her celebrity sister!

Indeed, Yela is also a celebrity in her own right. Imagine how fabulous it must be to work as a pastry chef in San Francisco — in a Michelin star restaurant no less!

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From her Instagram account, it is apparent that she’s living a fine life with her super cute baby boy. Yela loves spending time with her adorable son. Her IG also reveals just how much passion she has for cooking and baking. It really is more than just a job for her.

Art is also one thing Yela Tung really appreciates. Of course, all of that is pales in comparison to her strong love and bond for her sister, Lovi Poe. They go on the most amazing adventures around the world, and have the photos to show for it!

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At first glance, it is quite hard to distinguish the resemblance between the sisters. Truly, their faces are not that strikingly similar, but there is surely something distinct about their auras.

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SOURCES: Elite Newsfeed | Showbiztrends

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