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Couple welcomes five babies after gf struggles to get pregnant

Couple Jamie and Skyler Scott married last 2004 and they are blessed with two sons, Shayden and Landon. Years later, the Scott couple thought they wanted another addition to their family.

Therefore, for years they tried to conceive another baby, but kept on failing. Their desperate desire to have another baby prompted them to seek medical help from a fertility specialist.

Jamie admitted that she is tired of seeing negative results on her pregnancy tests. But one day, she was surprised to find out that it finally turned positive this time!

Days after they confirmed her pregnancy, her HVG hormones went high. This occurrence only implies that there are several babies inside the womb!

Come ultrasound time, the couple rejoiced when they found out that they’re expecting not one, not two, but five babies!

“I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see all of those babies on the screen.”

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The couple wouldn’t want to risk the lives of their little angels, so they immediately proceeded to Phoenix, Arizona to seek help from “experienced obstetricians.”

There they met Dr. John Elliott, who is pretty much experienced in delivering multiple babies.

With the assistance of Dr. Elliott, Jamie gave birth to her five little angels on March 21. 2018 in less than a minute.

The babies, which weighed less than a kilo each at birth, were named Violet, Lily, Lincoln, Logan, and Daisy.

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The doting mother is pretty much confident that she would be a great mother to her new five kids this time.

“I wanted to be a great mother for all these individual human beings, and I was thinking about how we were going to do this. Then, I just had this overwhelming peace come over me, and just this message, ‘Just be love.’ I thought, I can do that.”

The babies were held at the hospital for six weeks to fully recover before they were brought to their joyous home.

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