Fil-American student wears amazing Filipiniana gown for prom

A Fil-American student boldly represented her Filipino heritage by wearing a beautiful and modern Filipiniana dress for prom. This event is arguably one of the most important moments of high school life. Students carefully plan each detail that goes into the special night – the corsage, the hair and makeup, and most importantly, the dress.

Some shell out a large amount of money just to buy the perfect gown. But for Tricia Jane Asuncion, it was the right moment to celebrate her Asian roots with her friends. The young Fil-American student surprised netizens when she decided to wear a modern “terno Filipiniana gown.”

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Tricia sported the iconic butterfly sleeves, embroidered details, and the modest neckline. Plus, the whole outfit was completed by stunning silver jewelry, a slick hair-do, and her amazing eyeliner. The young lady even convinced her prom date to wear a Barong Tagalog to match her look!

When Tricia’s classmates learned about her prom idea, some of them joined in and wore prom dresses that were inspired by their countries. Nigeria, India, China, and Cameroon were among the cultures represented during their school’s special night.

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“My classmates really loved the idea. When all my friends showed up at prom, we got a lot of compliments saying how beautiful we looked and how handsome my date looked.”

Tricia was also happy that she made a positive impact as well as promote the culture of the Philippines.

“It means more than just a dress. It represents what we stand for as a culture, as a community, and as a country. So before you wear something off-handedly, you should realize where it comes from.”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to Tricia’s dress choice:


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