Heart Evangelista finally learns the “limits” of pregnancy cravings

Unexpected — and sometimes bizarre — food cravings happen during pregnancy. It’s not just acting up, this is scientifically supported. A woman’s hormones fluctuate when she’s pregnant. And while this might be a burden to some husbands, it’s undeniably adorable nonetheless. Such was the case when Heart Evangelista requested various things from her other half, Sen. Chiz Escudero,when she felt the cravings.

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The actress recently shared a screencap of her hilarious conversation with her husband. She messaged him to say that she was craving a Jollibee burger steak. Of course, her sweet husband was quick to grant her wish.

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Heart was visibly delighted upon receiving Chiz’s confirmation. Hence, she expressed that it was one of the reasons why it’s “fun to be preggers.” Shortly afterwards, she attempted to ask for something else. Something much more expensive than fast food take-out.

“Babe, I’m craving for a bag also.”

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The conversation then pivoted into a comical skit. Chiz was surely shocked by his wife’s other request, so he did the only thing he could do — refuse and laugh it off. Now, Heart has finally learned her lesson.

“Ay akala ko pwede lahat. Now, I know my limits.”

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