Jake Zyrus to critic: “Andun yung kurot na hindi niyo kasi alam yung mga pinagdadaanan ko”

Wrong. Sick. Disgusting. Immoral. Jake Zyrus for sure has heard it all. And while he’s used to it by now, he admits that the hate he gets from his critics sometimes still get to him.

What more when a writer would pen a full article lambasting his name and his identity?

Earlier this week, Jake sat down with Boy Abunda to air his sentiments over a transphobic article stating that he’s going “into classic self-destruct mode.“.A quick search shows that the story was talking about his wasted potential as Charice Pempengco.

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Here’s a few lines, just to give you an idea:

“It’s been all downhill for her since then: losing so many hard-earned properties, becoming the object of ridicule and rejection, conflict with estranged family members, and her once promising career as a diva taking a nose dive – with that high-note-hitting voice people would go on a standing ovation for just getting flushed down the drain.”




During his interview, Jake admitted to feeling hurt by the article. And he’s not sad because all the typical words of hate like this one still get on his nerves. No, what he’s most sad about is the fact that he, as an artist that is an open member of the LBGT community, is expected to become numb by now.




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As furthered by the international singer, his transition from Charice Pempengco to Jake Zyrus wasn’t “a one-night decision”. After all, not everyone was able to see all the battles he has fought and the hardships that he has gone through. But, he hopes that this would be a lesson for anyone to take it easy with the harsh criticism, especially with celebrities like him whose job is only to entertain.




Ending his interview, Jake Zyrus has a few words to say to the author of the aforementioned article:

“You will get better, kung ano man yung pinagdadaanan mo. Hindi man kita kilala, I know how you feel.”




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