Radio jock Jobim Javier shares the most heartbreaking Grab ride ever

Everyone loves drama, but never want to personally experience it. In simpler terms, we somewhat find entertainment in other people’s life adversities. Why? These give us something to ponder and talk about with peers. Now, I wonder how each of us will react if we happen to unintentionally witness someone’s despair, like what radio jock Jobim Javier encountered when he booked a Grab ride home.





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In a series of tweets, Jobim narrated how his normal day escalated into a heartbreaking, cinema-like incident. It was not him who experienced abrupt heartache. It was the Grab driver.

Jobim Javier shared that while inside the car, the driver’s wife inadvertently called him. After several “hellos,” Jobim Javier and the driver realized that his spouse was cheating on him. How so? She was heard giggling while telling another man, who she called “daddy,” to unhand her undergarment.









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This prompted the poor Grab driver to scream on the phone: “NASAAN KA? HA?? SINO YANG KASAMA MO??

The woman abruptly responded, saying that their son had no milk left. But the driver was not buying it. Still, the woman denied and stated that she bought diapers.

When the driver asked who she was addressing as “daddy,” his unfaithful spouse was quick again to speak another set of lies, saying it was her father.



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The Grab driver wasn’t naïve, unfortunately for the woman. He then threatened to call her father to confirm if she was telling the truth. At this point, the cheating wife began sobbing on the phone.

Read Jobim’s thread below to find out what happened to the rest of the story.





SOURCE: Twitter
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