Check out the tropical-themed mansion of Coco Martin

With hard work, perseverance, and talent, it stands to reasons that Kapamilya actor Coco Martin managed to build a 2, 000 square-meter resort-like mansion in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Based on an interview with YES! Magazine, the 36-year-old critically-acclaimed actor gave a sneak of his lavish mansion. Of course, he took control of the overall aesthetic of his dream house — pieces of furniture, room decorations, and appliances.


Read what he had to say below:

“Kasi ang bahay, hindi natatapos sa pagpapatayo lang, e. May mga maliliit na details. Kunyari, ‘yong mga gamit, ilalagay mo na lahat, paisa-isa, e. Parang puzzle, binubuo-buo mo siya.”

Furthermore, he revealed that it took three years for his house come to fruition. Besides, he wanted to avoid falling into debt  — the reason why the construction was slow.

“Ang tagal ginawa ‘yong bahay, kasi ipon, ipon, ipon. Kasi dahan-dahan lang, ayoko kasing biglain. Natakot naman akong mangutang sa bangko, kasi alam mo naman ‘yong work natin—minsan okey, ‘tapos biglang mawawala. Sabi ko, pag ni-loan ko ‘to, baka hatakin sa’kin. ‘Yon ‘yong pinakamasakit na mangyayari sa buhay ko.”


Of course by looking at the facade you can already think what to expect inside. Truly it has a tropical vibe to it.


Entrance Door

In case you’re not aware, this massive main door was designed by Abdulmari Asia Imao, our National Artist for Visual Arts.


Living Room

Again, as previously mentioned, Coco Martin wanted to create ambiance similar to tropical beaches.

Dining Room

Of course, the highlight of the dining room is the 12 seater dining table and wooden dining chairs.

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As you can see, the kitchen is surrounded by appliances and wooden cabinets.


Bar Room

Needless to say, he chose the color purple to bring out the accents.


Home Theater

Well, why would you go to the mall theaters if you already own a mini theater at home.

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Surely the first thing you will notice is the massive artwork. For your information, it was made by National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz.



Coco Martin personally chose the pieces of furniture in his veranda to be cohesive for his tropical-themed house.



At first you might think that the ceiling is made up of natural abaca. However, Coco Martin reveals it is all synthetic materials.



Fun fact: the cabana has it’s own bathroom and kitchen.

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Poolside Area

The pool area has its own jacuzzi.

Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal | KAMI
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