Melai Cantiveros tours Karla Estrada to her humble childhood home

It is no secret that the Pinoy Big Brother 2009 Big Winner, Melai Cantiveros, was raised in a simple and humble environment. The 30-year-old comedian grew up in Bohol with her grandparents in their ancestral Nipa house.

In an episode of ABS-CBN’s morning talk show Magandang Buhay yesterday, Melai and her co-host Karla Estrada paid a visit to her hometown. She then gave Karla a quick tour of their ancestral home. Of course, Melai also shared a few antics she did when she was younger. “Alam mo ang ganda ng bintana na ‘to kasi diyan ako umaalis,” she revealed.

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Melai also shared that when she was younger, she and her siblings would take a nap in the afternoon at the living room area so that their grandmother can easily catch them in case they try to escape. “Nagga-guard siya sa’min, kasi para paglakad namin ‘Oy! Bakit sa’n ka pupunta?’” she narrated.

But unlike most Nipa houses, Melai grandparents’ is noticeably bigger. It has a living room, kitchen, dining area and bedrooms. It even has a refrigerator!

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If you want to take a closer look at Melai’s ancestral home and hear Melai’s childhood stories, check out this video below!

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