Vice Ganda clarifies that hurado Jaya voted in favor of TNT’s Aila Santos

It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda defended hurado Jaya who was repeatedly criticized for allegedly favoring “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” (TNT) contestant Ato Arman over Aila Santos.

Kung hindi niyo po alam, Miss Jaya was one of the two judges who voted for Aila.

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The results of the third day of TNT’s Ultimate Resbak round caused a stir on social media. Many thought that Aila deserved the spot over Ato. Because of this, many netizens took it upon themselves to air their grievances.

Oddly enough, most netizens directed their anger towards punong-hurado Jaya. Many of them accused the diva of being “insecure” of Aila’s singing prowess.


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In yesterday’s episode of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda stood up for the queen of soul and said,

“I felt so bad for Miss Jaya.”

So, ayun po. Someone has to stand up for Miss Jaya. I just want to defend her kasi it is not fair for her… Nababasa ko, pinipersonal siya, e.”

Vice also said that the fans’ anger has no basis whatsoever since it was not disclosed who among the judges voted in favor of Ato or Aila.

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Moved by the comedian’s heroic gesture, Jaya took to Twitter to express her gratitude.

“I love you (at)vicegandako for speaking on my behalf. I’m crying now because I absolutely felt your sincerest love.”

Here are some of the mixed reactions from social media users.


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