Dad who was diagnosed with cancer attends daughter’s wedding in a wheelchair

Nothing beats a parent’s love. One proof of that is this father who recently went viral for attending his daughter‘s big day despite being frail from cancer.

Seated on his wheelchair, Tatay Rolly spent his last few days on earth witnessing his beloved Lovely walk down the altar. Apparently, it was his wish to give at least one of his children away on their wedding before he succumbs to the disease.

On Tuesday, May 22, a photographer named Franz took to Facebook to share photos of the father and daughter tandem during the ceremony.

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An excerpt of her caption reads:

“Legit na umiiyak ako habang shinushoot nagmumura, minumura ang Cancer.”

Mere days after her big day, Lovely finally bid goodbye to her father. While this was certainly upsetting for the daughter, at least she was able to fulfill his wish for the last time.

Similar to her story was Vianeese Santon from California, whose dad had the same wish before also succumbing to cancer.

To fulfill her dad’s dream, Vianeese held a mock wedding ceremony on the hospital just so the father could walk her down the aisle.

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In an interview with Ebony, she said:

“It was something I never thought would happen because the more I talked to his doctors, the worse the reports got. It was lovely.”

Meanwhile, Tatay Rolly and Lovely had every netizen in tears with their last moments together. Almost everyone was reminded of the love that they have for their parents, and vice versa. Here, check out what the commentators had to say below:

This serves as a reminder for everyone to enjoy every bit of your time with your parents.

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