What makes celebrity Jennica Garcia-Uytingco a modern-day mother?

Today, what a family really needs is a good wife — a woman who is able to support her husband, and a wise mother — a woman who can help her children become successful in life. Case in point — meet the actress Jennica Garcia-Uytingco. 

In a series of Instagram posts, this 28-year-old female celebrity is serving us certified #MommyGoals and #SupportiveWife vibes. Despite temporarily staying away from the showbiz industry, she still continues to inspire her fellow woman out there.




Curious? Check out the following reasons why:

1. Business-minded Woman

In case you’re not aware, she started a thrift shop business in her home. Named  “Ukay-Ukay ni Jennica,” she sells all sorts of women’s clothes and accessories, as well a men’s apparel. She also offers different home appliances and equipment.

Read what she had to say on her Instagram account:

“Bili na mga suki! Ang hawak ko na jumper dress ay example ng mga damit na makikita niyo dito na kasama sa 2 pieces for P50 only! YES! Halagang P25 lamang ang jumper dress na ito. Ginawa ko itong 2 for P50 na category sa ukay-ukay ko para makasigurado na lahat ng dadating ay uuwing masaya dahil meron silang nabili.”





2. Hands-on Mother

As we all know, Jennica Garcia-Uytingco is not just a beautiful face, as well as a talented person. When it comes to taking care of her child and doing the house chores, you can say that she really is a tough woman.

Whether doing a laundry while pregnant or headhunting a seamstress, there is no such word as chill for this woman when it comes to the welfare of her family.




3. Breastfeeding and Good Parenting Advocate

Admit it or not, there are still people who unapologetically shame lactating mothers in public. For this reason, Jennica Garcia-Uytingco decided to speak up against this discrimination towards her fellow women.

Moreover, she occasionally conducts seminars on healthy pregnancy and discusses the correct way of giving postpartum care.



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